1. To provide a rich English language environment that raises students’ motivation and interests in English learning.


2. Help students develop an ever-improving capability to use English

  • to think and communicate;
  • to acquire, develop and apply knowledge; and
  • to respond and give expression to experience.


Curriculum Structure: SPARK

1. Speaking and Listening

  • School-based Phonics Curriculum
  • Interaction, Presentation, Discussion


2. Phoenix Programme (Writing)

  • Various Text Types, including fiction and non-fiction
  • Writing Skills


3. Authentic English Language Environment

  • 4 Native English Teachers: Classroom Teaching, Activities, Gift Education Programme
  • Theme-based Approach


4. Reading

  • Language Arts Appreciation
  • Primary Literacy Programme – Reading (P.1-P.3)
  • Reading Workshop (P.4-P.6)
  • Home Reading
  • Reading Strategies


5. Keen Learner

  • Yearning For Learning, Pursuing Excellence


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